Friday, July 30, 2010

Vegetarian Confession

I hate fennel.


Barbarian Librarians said...

OMG, then you'd hate to be in my house right now! Through a rural comedy of errors I ended up with my usual farm share this week plus all the leftover odds and ends that were supposed to go to my farmers' neighbors - including four HUGE fennel plants with bulb, stalks, foliage and all! Anyway, your post got me thinking about what the heck I would do with a vegetable I hate, since I'm such a thrifty damn Yankee I couldn't just throw it away! (heaven forbid) I took photos of my (I think) rather ingenious solution to the conundrum and posted them at Barbarian Cooks. Enjoy the Fenneltimate Folly (another solution for those who are averse to gourds will follow...)

TSquared said...

Hilarious!!!! I had a really hard time with my giant fennel delivery, too: I started pruning some of the foliage so the humungo bulb would even fit in the fridge, and the licorice-y smell just made me gag. I struggled. I started thinking, "Maybe I could coat it in chile pepper or something?" Then I just let myself toss it in the compost. I will check out your Fenneltimate Folly, though!
(Do you know of anything that takes away that licorice taste? I've tried roasting with different herbs, but that anise-like taste always comes through.)