Friday, July 23, 2010

Two Smiling Feet

So this isn't about reading or eating, but I just had to share a new joyful obsession: Chinese foot massage at Two Smiling Feet in Fremont. We went last week and were amazed-- the experience was very much like our one in Beijing (although minus the private room/ pirated DVD/ free snacks). It was so much more than a foot massage! We got a lovely head rub (including some hair yanks that felt scary but good), amazing foot reflexology work, plenty of time on the ankles and calves, and even some thigh and hip massage. Then they flipped us over and gave us great attention to shoulders, back, and bottom. J and I were both extremely pleased. The masseurs/ masseuses were professional, thorough, and extremely intuitive: they gave J's marathon-training calves more work than mine, whereas my left heel (which had been giving me some twinges) got some extra-tender extra care (without me mentioning it).
We got frequent-client cards which I think had a phone number on them, but they're both in Jordan's wallet somewhere on his big Ragnar relay run... The salon is located in the heart of Fremont, just around the corner from the Lenin statue. I highly recommend stopping by!
(The current unbelievable price is $30 for an hour! Great value!!! Plus we'll earn a free massage after 9 on our little card, I think. Yowzah!)

*Here's their phone number from the card: 206-595-7768. The address is 600 N. 36th St.

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