Thursday, April 29, 2010

The kind of break you can't wait to end

Usually, a break from work never lasts long enough. But for today's break, I didn't have anything to read* or anything to eat. So sad. Good thing work's a pleasure to get back to!

(*OK, I work in a book store, so I was actually surrounded by things to read, but I had left MY book at home, and I didn't want to risk spilling water or doing something else unintentionally destructive to any of the store's fine reading materials. Quibble, quibble. Plus it's just funnier to be without anything to read or eat just days after starting this blog, right?)

(Full disclosure: I also had a lovely text conversation with my husband on my smartphone, so maybe I could have waited longer for my break to end. But then where's my dramatic title?)

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