Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A page-turner: "12.21" by Dustin Thomason

Back in the 1990s, I studied Biology and read Michael Crichton medical thrillers for escapism... and I also met a very nice boy who had been friends with my best friend from childhood.
We all wound up in college together, and that nice boy and I took some pre-med requirements together. He went on to med school, but that wasn't all-- he also wrote a best-seller called The Rule of Four with another friend, Ian Caldwell. Yowzah! That's right, I can say I knew Dustin Thomason when.

This summer, Dusty's first solo book came out, and it's a terrific medical thriller with history, romance, and plenty of drama! 12.21 features a long-lost Mayan codex, a mysterious and devastating outbreak, and a race for a cure that kept me turning the pages. I'd write more, but I'm pretty tired from staying up late to read...

If you've been craving an edge-of-your-seat medical thriller, let me recommend 12.21 by Dustin Thomason-- a great book by a great guy. 


Rene' Kirkpatrick said...

Oooh, Tegan, this sounds great! I love medical thrillers. I'll look for it.

Hope you're well- I love seeing your blog pop up in my list.

xxoo R

TSquared said...

Thanks so much, Rene'! It's always a pleasure to see you on the internet and in person!
Happy reading, my friend!

usedbuyer 2.0 said...
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usedbuyer 2.0 said...

What?! You could've married a bestselling Doctor/Novelist?! Your mother and I are... well, maybe a little disappointed... just about the grandchildren, you understand. Sigh.

Fairhope Supply Co. said...

How exciting to know the "behind the scene" story of someone famous!

Sounds like a good read.