Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Vegan Thai noodles

Yum! After falling off the wagon vegan-wise (for one must eat Danish meatballs at a Danish Christmas lunch), I felt the need for something very comforting yet fresh-tasting.

Ta-da: Thai noodles!

Rice noodles, boiled
peanut oil
One onion, sliced
as much ginger root as you care to peel and dice
orange bell pepper, chopped in big pieces
grated carrots and broccoli (sold as "broccoli slaw" at Trader Joe's)
fresh cilantro
light coconut milk
juice of half a lime
a sprinkle of salt
spicy dried chilis (optional)

Cook the onion, ginger and bell pepper until they just start to get soft. Add about 2/3 of the can of coconut milk (add it all if you're not still reeling from all the fat in the butter you ate on Danish bread or if you're just really up for coconut) and the chilis. Simmer. Add as much broccoli slaw as you want, lime juice, and cilantro. Salt to taste.
Use the sauce to cover your rice noodles. Top with chopped peanuts if you have them. Eat with chopsticks if it feels right.
Serve with cleansing green tea for a real pick-me up!

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Rene' Kirkpatrick said...

mmm, tegan- this sounds really good. I think it may make it to the table soon!