Monday, June 28, 2010

Roasted cauliflower

I couldn't resist the lure of leftovers when I got home from work this afternoon. Yes, I'd already had a hearty serving for lunch, but there was some left in the fridge, and it was calling my name. I discovered that it can be might tasty cold, too.
The leftovers:
cauliflower roasted in olive oil, with spring garlic, salt, and a squeeze of lemon, mixed with:
sage, rye berries, crimini mushrooms, and fava beans. (Boy, was shucking and popping the fava beans fun! I'm not kidding. I wouldn't do it every day, but I liked the process.)
Is it just me, or is cauliflower roasted with olive oil really rich and buttery tasting?


Rene' Kirkpatrick said...

Tegan- your posts are so delicious. Rene'

TSquared said...

Thanks, Rene!
I love reading your posts and getting inspired to read more, more, more, more...